Return on Investment

Cost Benefit Analysis of Grocery Store Night Covers

Find out what your return on investment will be by installing Econofrost retrofit night covers in your store. Use our Night Cover Payback Calculator Tool.

You will be asked a number of questions as to the number of units you would require as well as hours your store is closed.

Econofrost Night Covers have the lowest true cost of ownership and greatest return as retrofit project because:

  • they are constructed to save energy - highest reflectivity and lowest emissivity properties,
  • they help lower operating expenses and save money on energy bills,
  • they reduce food discard/shrink - product lasts longer and as a result more is sold and,
  • they last for many years, help reduce carbon footprint for a healthier environment and more sustainabile operation.

Econofrost night covers last for years providing you with one of the fastest returns on investment - saving you thousands of dollars each & every year!

Start conserving energy today and reclaim your hard-earned money !

Contact us today to learn more about the Econofrost line of retrofit and custom night covers